Lamestream Games asks you to excuse their dust. They say this because that’s what you say on the internet when a site is under construction. They’re toiling away in front of glowing rectangles for you rather than spending time with their families. They’re drinking more coffee than is advisable, and staying up later than they ought to. And they’re doing it so they can bring you clever games to play while you sit on the toilet or while you’re waiting at the DMV to buy vanity plates that express your unusually quirky personality. So this space will undoubtably get way cooler, this much you can be sure of. In the interim, think of how excited you will be when you come back next and you find the fantastic things they’ve made just for you. Check out the video diaries or drop them some words of encouragement if you’re the cheerleader type (especially if you’re the cheerleader type). They will be happy to hear that you visited.


-Lamestream Games Spokespuddle



I was pooling around this storm drain before it was cool.